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·         Manitobabirds is exclusively about birds and birding in Manitoba, Canada.

·         The Primary focus is on the timely reporting of rarities and uncommon birds.

·         Any topic relating to Manitoba birds and birding is acceptable including but not limited to behavior, trends, new arrivals, ID help, ID tips etc .

·         This is not a photography site but bird images that support your post are acceptable. Images of rare birds and birds with unusual plumage are encouraged.

·         Manitoba trip lists are acceptable but if you use eBird or similar list recording programs, a link to your list could be used. Some judgment in posting lists is required.

·         The private (non-commercial) selling of birding related equipment and books is acceptable.

·         This site has been imported from Manitobabirds Yahoo Groups where it was established in the year 2000. Anybody interested in birds and birding in Manitoba is welcome to join our site.

·         There is a maximum size for photos (1024x1024) and uploaded photos will automatically be resized to fit within that limit.

·         We expect everyone to be respectful of each other and to remember that there are many and varied views out there. There is also a wide range of birding skills and birders toward the novice end should never be afraid to ask a question about birds or to ask for help with an ID.

·         Abusive language and variation from our stated guidelines will not be tolerated and may result in suspension from our group.

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