UDP Unique Key #UDP #Wish



Been playing around with Grid Tracker and Message aggregator and have noticed a slight issue. I know MSHV is not WSJT-X but in this area it would be helpfull if  it worked in a similar fashion.

Multiple copies of MSHV - I have them monitoring 4m and 6m working a treat BUT if I try to use Grid Tracker to 'monitor' activity it fails. I think it is to do with the UDP ID (Unique Key) field.

I know you know the location :-) but to save you looking it up:

......\MSHV_265_Full_Source_Code\MSHV_265\src\HvTxW\HvRadioNetW\NetworkMessage.h, each message has  'Id (unique key)  utf8' - with MSHV every instanace (as far as I can tell) is preset to 'MSHV'. With WSJT-X it is set via the comamnd line: '*-r, --rig-name*[=RIGNAME]'
This allows Grid Tracker and programs like it to check for which instance the udp message is coming from. Would it be possible to add an option (command line/config file/menu/etc) that will set the Key making it possible to have multiple screens showing the info. Especially handy just now with the Es season proving to be good.