TELLICAST 2.14.7 on Centos 7: 2 NIC conflicts #poll-notice


I have some problem with Tellicast installed on Centos 7.9. I have 2 NIC:
1 NIC is connected to DVB-S2 Ayecka, another one to my internal network.
One is static (for Ayecka), antoher one is dhcp (for internal).
If both NIC addresses are up, then works only one - dhcp.
If i turn down my internal dhcp (ifdown ***), then Tellicast starts running and downloads SAT data from defined channells.
I have tried many different variants, but still don't understand, what I am doing wrong.
So it is working only one of them (NIC) - both not working together.

Pls give me some advices what I have to do with my network (or another) configurations on centos ?