TBS 5927

Ian Deans

Over the last 3/4 weeks I have been monitoring a problem with the TBS 5927.
I have my monitor set to go into standby after 5 minutes something I have used via control panel for many years. In approximately 80% of the time I come out of monitor standby I am now getting missed and missed/recovered segments with this receiver and standby is used a number of times a day.

The TBS 5925 and the SR1 are not affected by this standby issue with no losses whatsoever.

I have tried 4 different drivers on the 5927, used USB 2 and USB 3 but the losses continue. If I switch off the monitor rather than use standby the losses stop, but I would prefer not to be switching off and on my monitor many times a day.
I have run out of ideas.