Sunday night BS/HVS-1 SNR.

Hello All,

I reported this morning that my TP 1 SNR was down a bit.

I haven't been monitoring it during the day and it is still down at 22:00 - 12.9 dB where it should be around 13.8dB - Power still the usual -18 dBm.

HVS-2 is SNR 12.3 dB with Power -21.

I just went to go outside to have a look at the dish and see if the LNB face has rain drops on it.
But it's blowing a gale and raining.
I suspect this is the cause of my 'signal loss' with the wind swirling the rain around.





Certainly sounds like rain fade!

Been wet all afternoon/evening in SE London, not seen my normal full C/N reading since about 1100Z! Thankfully nothing quite like last weekend's snow. Did get nearly back to normal around midnight but has dropped off again since with the rain picking up again.

Caused the HVS-2 service (on C10 again for now, testing!) to get a bit hairy on the margin but no dropped packets amazingly, not that the same can be said for clear weather on C3 at the moment...