Skynet.sys version - today's tests

David J Taylor GM8ARV 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🇪🇺


Today I changed the SkyCard drivers on my main Receiver PC from
V4.2.8 (as supplied with the V2.6B DVB card) to the earlier V4.2.2
drivers (as supplied with the V2.3 card).

There are two differences that I have noticed:

- the reported signal level is a LOT lower. What was yesterday 85%
quality and sometimes 15dB SNR is now 52% quality and 8.4dB SNR.
This is from the same physical feed into the same physical card.
From a support perspective, it makes it essential to know what card
and drivers are being used when someone reports a signal-level
problem. I guess some of you were already aware of this, but it
came as a shock to me!

- the CPU peaks that I was seeing when receiving data files (I
think) seem to have completely vanished. Well, that is perhaps an
exaggeration. There is a background CPU activity of 1-2-3% (using
Task Manager), with peaks up to perhaps 8%. However, those peaks
are when the Processing PC is dragging files off the Receiver PC.
There are no longer any obvious peaks during file reception (as
opposed to 8% during network activity).

As far as I am aware all other software is the same, Windows 2000
Prof SP4, Zone Alarm, eTrust anti-virus. As yet, I have no feeling
for the comparitive missing segment rate of the two systems (the
very high winds forecast for the next two days might reveal that),
but the experience again urges me to caution users against changing
any part of the system.

So far, just on missing segments, yesterday the main system missed
one segment which was OK on the backup system. Today the backup
system missed two segments which were OK on the (revised) main