Setup help please--WinMe

Goetz Romahn <Goetz.Romahn@...>

I made lenghty trials in the past to have Tellique software
successful running with WinMe. The missing segments problem you
exeperienced -- as I did too - could never be solved in my system.
The problem seems to be in the IP-stack of WinMe, which leads to some
error messges in the Tellique log file similar to:
--warning -- receive buffer too small.....
Although there may be found countermeasures to this problem on the
internet even on microsofts pages, all these patches and registry
fiddlings did not lead to any succes on my system. As a consequence I
decided to try WinxP and never again had any ( unexplainable )
missing segments anymore.
I know this could be bad news to you. Please give me a note, if you
ever solved the receive buffer problem and, of course, how.

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Hello Ian and Group,

I started of with the DVB card in my office PC running XP. That was
where I found that the Tellique software prevents TV reception. Hence
my interest in your ability to receive both.

My present headaches with Win98 are because I have extended to a
two PC setup using a second PC in my workshop to receive. The receive
PC has to run 98 as I have other essential software which will
definately not run on XP. (I don't plan to use the other software
while receiving!). Otherwise I would jump to install XP on both - I
agree with Dave Martin's view of XP/W2k over 9x.

The grief I suffered yesterday was prompted by extra missing
segments on my system. I was looking at Tuesday's discussion of
missing segments and comparing my MDM missing segments report to
those posted. Mine always has two or more missing segments. That was
why I decided to move the card from slot 1 to slot 0. It REALLY
didn't work in slot 0 and I am still trying to get reception working
again. Apparently using 'Add/Remove programs' to remove the Technisat
and Tellique software and 'Device Manager' to remove the card from
the hardware config still leaves references to the card in the
operating system somewhere. Convincing it that it only has one card
and that it is back in slot 1 has been a hard job. Strangely, the
Technisat software doesn't mind and I get a nice green satellite Icon
on my taskbar. It's the Tellique software that can't connect to it
and the T icon remains red.

I thought computers were supposed to make life easier?