New from COMET: Satellite RGB Composite Imagery and Applications

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The COMET Program is pleased to announce the publication of the new lesson, "Satellite RGB Composite Imagery and Applications". This lesson explores the use of RGB (Red, Green, Blue) composite satellite imagery products for environmental applications including detection and characterization of surface features, cloud types, convection, and dust. The lesson includes multiple examples across the United States, covering both daytime and nighttime situations, and illustrates the advantages provided by multispectral RGB products from both geostationary and low-Earth orbiting platforms.

"Satellite RGB Composite Imagery and Applications" covers several key RGB products, including GeoColor, Day Land Cloud, Day Snow Fog, Day Cloud Phase Distinction, VIIRS Snow Cloud Discriminator, Nighttime Microphysics, and Dust RGBs. Learners are provided opportunities to explore the usefulness of RGB products in actual forecast situations, demonstrating the value of the multispectral composite products compared to single-band imagery.

The lesson is intended for operational forecasters, meteorology and remote sensing students from the undergraduate level and upward, scientists, and others who rely on satellite products for environmental information.

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