Need some help.... TLS Annoucement Channel does not connect...

Michael Mehle

My name is Michael, I am new in this group. I startet with receiving Meteosat content in 2004 using David Taylors software. The last days I changed my hardware to a new PC with WIN10. I installed everything properly. But Tellicast is not able to connect to the data channel? I disabled the firewall. No success. What can I try next?
Please have a look at the attached screenshots. You have any advice for me?
Thank you so much for helping me.
Best wishes from Göttingen/germany


Hello Michael,
My tuner settings are different:   Physical layer Scramble:  is Root  1   in my setup.

And your SNR of 6.3 dB is most likely too low to get data.

Check your dish alignment and LNB skew.

Arne van Belle

Michael Mehle

Hello Arne,

thanks for your hint. I will try your special settings. The SNR with a new LNB is now by 9.3dB. A bigger dish is arriving next week.

My main fault was starting tellicast not in administrator mode. Since several hours reception is fine, when starting tellicast the new way. :)

Best wishes,