MSG licensing overseas.



Just to confirm following today's chat with EUMETSAT [sorry Luca - Europe is
overseas to us Brits - or underseas, with Eurotunnel - the only way to 'cross'
the Channel] that, for all EUMETSAT Member States and Co-operating States you
national Met. Office will issue your licenses - having first registered with
This applies to both Ku-band and C-band EUMETCast.

For users outside EUMETSAT member and Co-operating States EUMETSAT will issue
your MSG Data Access Licenses after you have first registered with them.
Again that is for both Ku-band and C-band EUMETCast.

Both the Ku-band and C-band EUMETCast services will be encrypted at the same
time at the beginning of March 2004.

John Tellick.