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Since half a year I am receiving MSG on my laptop , Sony PCG-GRT815M.,with a 80 cm dish with a digital LNB for Astra and an analog LNB for Hotbird (which works well - 65 % signal) Eumetsat delivered me in that time the software and an USB box SKy2PC-USB from Technisat.This worked well till the software got a problem.Eumetsat delivered me their newest software about 1 month ago.This is a CD with a 4 figures number on the label.It starts automatically after one has given in a special name and password and made a nice,red T on the bottomline,but no sign of a green icon which should indicate,that the receiver was recognized.First impuls:Send the receiver to Technisat for repair,but after a good night sleep I phoned EUMETSAT.They told me what I thought inbetween There was no USB driver in the newest software and they did sent me 2 drivers on a CD and told me only to use the 4. 2.2.2 and not the everything works fine .So be aware if you have a USB-Box with the newest Software from Eumetsat.There are no USB drivers on board!!!