LRIT receiving systems.



An American enthusiast posted a request on WXSAT-L for information regarding
LRIT receiving systems and I offered some suggestions.

For those not subscribed to WXSAT-L may I post my reply here which I hope may
possibly be of use to our American members of these two groups.

Also, I understand that Timestep are planning to have an LRIT receiver
available soon.

I apologise MSG-1 group that this is not really MSG but we might have to
grapple with
this sooner or later?

John Tellick.


Long before MSG-1 was launched I had discussions with several professional
manufacturers about the possible availability of amateur priced LRIT
Two said if they could have a definite idea about such a market (amateur) and

how many units I thought they might sell they would consider developing such
a receiver.
It would I guess, just be a cut down version of the original receiver.

However, of course, we have been overtaken by events in Europe and a European
market no longer exists - for the time being and I have not been in touch
with them
for over a year now.

The firms were VCS in Germany - <A HREF=""></A> and UKW technik in Germany -
<A HREF=""></A>.

There is also <A HREF="www.gtielectronics">www.gtielectronics</A> in the States.
And, you should contact NOAA to see just what happened to their planned LRIT
receiving system.

It would also be worth contacting the Werkgroep Kunstmanen in Holland.
This is a very active Dutch group were beavering away with the complexities
of HRIT/LRIT, Viterbi and Reed Solomon coding et al, before things changed
over here.
Their website is -

John Tellick.
Remote Imaging Group