Ian Deans

On 21/12/2022 13:42, Graham Woolf wrote:
Hi All

Is anybody receiving any GOES18 images

I havent received anything since yesterday and I cant find any
mention of GOES18 problems in the UNS

Kind Regards


Graham they do not yet report on GOES 18 as GOES 17 is still the official GOES WEST satellite until 4/1/2023

However I have seen this pasted below.

Regarding GOES-18 ABI L1b:

NOAA has changed the mode yesterday from nominal mode 6 to mode 4.

We currently don’t disseminate mode 4

As of midnight they also don’t provide a full set of 16 files per 10-min cycle.

We are in the process of clarifying this with NOAA.

There was no notification from NOAA side yet.

Graham Woolf

Hi Ian and Douglas

Thanks for the info

The way things have been over the last week or so I wasnt sure if it was my system or something else

Glad to know is not me !!

Warm Wishes