EUMETSAT transponder tests?


Yes, perhaps 'wrong' was not the right word.
But it was a bit alarming to see the V channel higher than the H?

It would be interesting to be at the uplink station varying the levels of both channels to see the 'mutual effect/interaction' with all the technical readouts available?

It was good to see my TP 1 level jump back to normal at 14:43 yesterday and I've checked it every few hours since then.
At 19:04 yesterday TP 1 was 13.7 dB SNR, Power -18 dBm.
HVS-2 a healthy 13.3 dB SNR, Power -21 dBm.

So for me having the V channel in operation (at its current level) appears not to have made much difference to the H channel - possibly minus 0.2 dB in SNR?

I'm not going to try to tweak the skew - as Ernst said earlier, with the V channel off he, as I found, skew could be rotated several degrees either way from the 'location computed skew' before any change to the H channel SNR was noted.
However, Ernst reported with both V and H channels on, SNR changes were very sensitive to small skew adjustments away from the optimal.

The old adage - "if it aint broke, don't try to repair it" come to mind?

This morning 10:24 TP 1 SNR 13.8 dB, Power -18 dBm. HVS-2 SNR 13.3/4 dB, Power -21 dBm.
Clear sky between the gusty wind and heavy rain.




I don't think anything is "wrong" but I do understand that tests may be carried
out to understand how the new on=frequency transponder may be affecting the
existing BAS/HVS-1 reception.

Your reports, and others, to EUMETSAT will be very welcome.

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On 15/11/2022 13:09, geojohnt via wrote:
> David and All,
> The front has just cleared my location and I'm back to clear sky reception.
> BS/HVS-1 SNR 12.6 dB Power -18.0 dBm.
> HVS-2 SNR 13.1 dB Power -21.0 dBm.
> Something is very wrong!
> TP 1 SNR is 1 dB down on normal.
> My E 9-B reception on the same dish (aligned on E 10-A) is at the usual 'signal
> values' so I do not believe my dish has become mis-aligned during the gales here.
> Regards,
> John.

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On 16/11/2022 10:30, geojohnt via wrote:
The old adage - "if it aint broke, don't try to repair it" come to mind?
Thanks for the reports, John. If it's working well now, leave it as it all changes in a few month's time when EUTELSAT 10B is launched. All being well, no adjustments will be needed, but...

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Hello All,

Interesting(?) happenings this morning/afternoon with 11.263 V and H.

My SR1, 1 m dish, Inverto Black Ultra quad LNB under clear sky conditions up until the switching on of the V channel saw SNR of 13.6/.7/.8 dB and -18.0 dBm Power.
After the firing up of the V channel SNR appeared little effected - possibly 0.1 or 0.2 0.3 dB down at times.

It's difficult to say precisely as we all know 'the effect of the atmosphere' on signal propagation.
And I have to switch my single SR1 polarisation and wait a few seconds - so cannot view two readouts at the same time

Following yesterday's H and V comparison report, today saw some changes.

At 10:55 this morning clear sky conditions things were fairly usual - TP1 13.8/.9 dB SNR (a bit high) Power -18 dBm - as usual.
HVS-2 13.5/.6/.7 dB SNR Power -21 dBm (as usual).

13:50 today TP1 13.6/.5 dB SNR but Power now -21 dBm. HVS-2 13.5/.4/.7/.5 dB SNR and Power -21 dBm as usual.

13:52 - 13:53 TP1 SNR 13.7/.9/.6/.9/14.0/.8/14.0/13.9 then settling 13.8 - for a while with the odd 14.00 dB - Power back to -18 dBm.

14:25 - 14:26 TP1 13.8 - 14.00 dB SNR, Power -18 dBm. HVS-2 13.6/.7/.6/.4/.3/.6 dB SNR, Power -21 dBm.