EUMETCastView and Sentinel 3A images

For some time I have been enjoying displaying Sentinel 3A imaging using the
EUMETCastViewer programme with the data obtained from the  site.
These past few days I have not been able to access the data and have the message :-
   HTTP Status 401 - Full authentication is required to access this resource.
Have checked the Scihub/CODA Config settings and my settings have not changed.
I am aware that there have been, very recently,  changes to the EUMETsat web site
and their introduction may be the cause.  Is it possible I may have missed an announcement
about changes which may be needed to EUMETCastViewer settings in order to resume Sentinel 3a
imaging or is re-registration with EUMETsat now required.   Is it likely that this facility has been withdrawn perhaps ?
Any advice would be helpful and appreciated.      John Morris


Hi John,

It has been a while since I tried to download some Sentinel images via Scihub/CODA in EUMETCastView.
You can always use the interactive website of Scihub to download the files and than point to that directory in EUMETCastView.
Did you change the username and password in EUMETCastView to your credentials ? Can you log on in the interactive website ?
I will have a look at it to see if it still works .
Kind regards,


Greetings Hugo from the UK and thanks for your response.
Yes, I have checked user name and password and still the same.
I have been using EUMETCastView on a regular basis for  Sentinel 3a imaging for some time
and really pleased with the quality displayed. I liked the global presentation of the pass
segments when selecting and area of interest for display, and considered a very user friendly method.  Never had any problems downloading
from the CODA site until now and the introduction of the recent web site updates --  which I find not easy to navigate around.
Will have to investigate an alternative way to get the  data I need into EUMETCastView and not to abandon this section of the programme .
Hope I don't have to do this.   In the meantime best wishes and thanks for making EUMETCastView available.   John Morris
Regards   John Morris