Eumetcast - SatPy Problem: "No IMPF configuration field found in prologue" [SOLVED]

Francis Greaves

Ernst, THANK YOU once again for a useful clue!
I have looked again at the problem.
I have discovered that it is nothing to do with the No IMPF configuration field found in prologue warning. it is a problem with loading the BlackMarble file.
Setting up a simple script I discovered this error being output:
Don't know how to open the following files: {'/home/francis/FG-Docs/Downloads/BlackMarble_Images/BlackMarble_2016_01deg_geo.tif'}
So enabling the satpy debug and looking again at the output I found the answer:
SatPy could not open the BlackMarble tiff file because the rasterio module was not installed. Once I installed that, the image was created.
Problem Solved!