EUMETCast Channel and PID list/table.


Hello All,

Some may recall I was looking around the other day for my lost FY-2G and FY-2H streams since upgrading to TC V2.14.4.

I expected to find the stream in the Channel/PID list under 'third party geo.'
But it wasn't.
David put me right that is was disseminated in EUMETSAT Data Channel 12.

This is listed as Multi-service misc Europe/Africa.

I emailed Ops about this and received this reply:

We are aware that we are carrying a legacy channel structure on the Basic Service, from the times when the Africa and Americas turnaround was still active. At that time the most efficient bandwidth usage was the rational for the structure.

Unfortunately that means, at the moment there is no clear product related title possible to describe the content for some channels. Multi-mission is the best we can say.

We will take note of your comment and consider this as an enhancement request for re-structuring the multi-mission channels.

We will include this in our planning.

The HVS-1 and HVS-2 lists, being much newer, do have a more defined channel 'content listing.'