EKU dongle hard hang-up due to rising temperature

Alan Curnow

Since re-installing my receiver setup in a shed near to the large satellite dish a couple of weeks ago I've noticed the dongle sometimes stops working, no EKU light and loss of Host_key_4 around late morning. Realised it's when it's warm and sunny outside and the temperature in the shed is over 25 degrees or so. I've got a fan blowing over the SR1 receiver as I noticed it ran fairly hot normally and that and the two mini PCs receiving and processing the data have no problem with the higher temperature, all working fine and just being just warm to the touch.

Restarting the receiver PC cures it and the EKU restarts OK even with the temperature being 30 degrees at the time, and is fine until the following morning when the issue repeats.

In the TD15 document page 46 it states
• Hard hang-up of the EKU. The EKU freezes and the light goes off. This can only be corrected by a power cycle of the eToken, followed by a restart of the eToken and TelliCast services. The hang-up can occur at regular intervals from minutes to days after powered on. It is most likely a thermal problem in the eToken
I'll install a solar powered ventilator in the shed which may help. Mine is the early dark blue token and was wondering if the newer tokens are perhaps less susceptible to temperature variations, and also wonder why they are susceptible in the first place. It seems it's the temperature rise which affects them and not the absolute temperature.

Anyone have any thoughts?

Alan Curnow

Frank Skillington

I had the same issue with my original dongle from 2004. Red light goes out, having to restart the system. Having read the latest TD15 some months ago I contacted Eumetsat and requested a replacement dongle which they sent and so far the problem solved. Great service from Eumetsat.


Alan Curnow

Thanks Frank. I was wondering if the newer dongles were better in that respect so your answer helped. I'll contact Eumetsat.