Cannot read OCA data


Hello All,

I have a problem to read OCA data received with EUMETCast. I have the right files, with the good formats ( see here : in Access, subsection EUMETCast), I installed eCcodes and add the right tables version to read OCA grib file (see here : and download here :, but the command grib_dump from eccodes returns :

[mycomputer]# grib_dump L-000-MSG4__-MPEF________-OCAE_____-000004___-202101220400-__
***** FILE: L-000-MSG4__-MPEF________-OCAE_____-000004___-202101220400-__
no messages found in L-000-MSG4__-MPEF________-OCAE_____-000004___-202101220400-__

Someone know how to read this format of grib file ? Thanks in advance !

Best regards,

Celestine SAUVAGE.