Anyone selling DVB hardware?

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Just getting into EuMetCast and looking for a DVB reciever, looking to recieve basic and HVS-1. In southern sweden!
Anyone selling or know where to get hardware cheaper than 400-500 euros?
Thanks a lot in advance!

You could use a TBS5927 (or the older TBS5925) if a USB connection is acceptable. I found a second-hand TBS5925 for GBP 150 (about SKR 1800). There have been some issues reported here recently with the TBS5927, though.

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Anyone selling or know where to get hardware cheaper than 400-500 euros?

The cheapest receiver you can get is a second hand "SkyStar 2 eXpress HD" PCIe card:

It runs under GNU/Linux and receives the Basic Service only without HVS-1 interference!

See here what you can do:

Free image processing can be done with my PyTROLL/Satpy Starter Kit 3.0 or with
Hugos marvelous EUMETCastView (now also available as AppImage for GNU/Linux).


Youssef Bennouna


I just acquired a TBS5927 (USB) and it works well, with it I can receive Basic and HVS1. The link is .  Installation is straightforward but, in my case I need to have a signal strength over 80% to receive the HVS1 with a 1.2 m dish, but this depends on your location.  It costs about 250$ including shipment, it arrived in 7 days. Payment is by PAYPAL and there was no trouble.

Good luck.


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Just getting into EuMetCast and looking for a DVB receiver, looking to receive basic and HVS-1. In southern Sweden!
Anyone selling or know where to get hardware cheaper than 400-500 euros?
Thanks a lot in advance!

Ernst Lobsiger

Dear All

The TechniSat SkyStar 2 eXpress HD still has its EUMETSAT setup guide.
While it will not work under current Windows any more it's an excellent
receiver (Basic Service only!) under GNU/Linux using the TBS OS drivers.
EUMETCast reception is not impaired in any way by low HVS-1 link margins.

The Technisat SkyStar USB HD is the exact equivalent of the above card.
For a short time only this box even made it into the above EUMETSAT guide.
It was then deleted from the guide as it never worked under Windows XP/7.

I have not had an USB box running for the last 10 years. Technically those
lag behind the possibilities of PCIe cards. But of course if you use a LapTop
or an other minimalistic PC a PCIe card won't fly. Just for curiosity, after
all these years, I bought a 20 Euro Technisat SkyStar USB HD from
I had it up and running within 10 minutes and it works as fine as the PCIe card.
As CrazyCat is now involved in maintaining the TBS OS drivers, his tricks from
2014 have made it into the official TBS github repo. All you need is to put the
firmware file  "dvb-usb-SkyStar_USB_HD_FW_v17_63.HEX.fw"  into /lib/firmware/.
You find this file in the *.tar.bz2 archive of firmware linked by TBS on their
github page as well. The firmware file can also be found on this LinuxTV page:

Both the PCIe card and the USB box are now regularly offered on or on
eBay Kleinanzeigen (usually Germany only) for 0-50 Euros. For those who intend to
experiment with EUMETCast on GNU/Linux both receivers are a cheap starting point.

Best Regards,

There are new low cost PCIe and USB receivers in the TBS pipeline. Whether
these work for EUMETCast has yet to be seen. As always it's mainly a driver
problem. The best PCIe solution found today is a TBS-6909X under GNU/Linux.
BEWARE: Before you buy and try this card under Windows 10 ask Graham Woolf.

Hendrik Fleming

I use a tbs-6903, dual tuner, so you can receive basic and HVS-1 on the one tuner and HVS-2 on the second tuner. It is PCIe, just be aware of what motherboard you use with it. My computers are all 10+year olds. First PC I tried with it, a 2007 Dell Poweredge with a intel-due processor, didn’t work, second computer was based on an Asus motherboard from 2012, and that worked quite fine. Lots of people selling the TBS-6903 cards on e-bay.