A-76 reveals major bug in SPS 4.1

Ernst Lobsiger

Dear All,

while tracking iceberg A-76 with Sentinel-3X I found a major bug in SPS4.1.
In LEOstuff.py the Sentinel-3A/B/X file per pass gathering code has a line

                       dt += timedelta(minutes = dMin)

which as a most simple fix must be changed to

                       dt += timedelta(minutes = 3)

Please note that OLCI has an asymmetric swath to prevent sun glint.
If you have a central pass of Sentinel-3A/B over some POI then the
resulting band of data looks somewhat shifted to the West. Users of
Hugo's EUMETCastView see this OLCI asymmetry on the 3D-globe.


Attached: Central pass of Sentinel-3B today over area 'a_76'.
(iceberg is covered by clouds, fine light blue at lower left {:-\).