BAS/HVS-1 SNR changes.




Can't say I saw the same. Albeit only sampling at the one point every 5 minutes so it could have been missed:

12.3 dB is roughly what I usually get on a good, clear day. Pipped to 12.6 dB overnight briefly which happens sometimes!



Just to say I saw some SNR changes this morning around 11:00 UTC.

At 10:00 this morning my TP 1 SNR was 13.7 dB under clear skies.

I happened to notice around 10:57 it had dropped to 13.1 dB steady.

At 11:07 it was 14.2 dB where it remained for a while before slowly dropping back to 13.8/.9 dB.

Now at 12:57 it is 13.8 dB.
No, 13.9 dB now at 13:00.
No, 14.0 dB now at 13:06

I'm not sure where I am today on my diurnal level change reading, but this appears to be a slight increase in SNR.
Power remains at the usual -18 dBm.