Testing BAS+HVS-1 (VCM again) on HB13C

Ernst Lobsiger


a new (Beta) Enensys firmware has been installed and is currently tested by Telespazio on HB13C.


This is again the VCM  signal we have always had on T1 (C4) that is currently still managed by A1.
Those who can swing their dish to HB13C are encouraged to test both BAS+HVS-1 and especially
also BAS only with (8PSK 3/5) MODCOD filter set and report their findings to EUMETSAT.


P.S. The component producing missed/recovered UDP packets in the T2 (C3) HVS-2 Uplink chain has
been identified and the problem seems resolved. C3 managed by Telespazio is still sending CCM though.


Excellent signal , bas + hvs1