R: MSG Licenses in "overseas" countries?

sergio mastripieri

Nothing yet here in Italy.. at least not for me in Milan :(


Da: Luca Bertagnolio [mailto:lucaberta@yahoo.com]
Inviato: 14 January 2004 12:20
A: MSG-1@yahoogroups.com
Oggetto: [MSG-1] MSG Licenses in "overseas" countries?

I always like the british term "overseas"... as if they are not the
ones living on an Island!!! ;-)

Anyway, back to the topic... I read that the UK Met Office has sent
out quite a few licenses for MSG-1 reception, a needed step in order
to get the eToken from EUMETSAT.

Did anybody else in other countries have seen any similar activity
from the local licensing authority? Haven't heard anything here in
Belgium for sure yet...

Bye, Luca