Re APT - many years left

Lawrence <lawrence@...>

next decade. Cut your teeth on a.p.t. if you wish, though currently,
setting up an MSG-1 system could be cheaper.

best wishes and welcome

Lawrence Harris

How could you?

Yes, APT from NOAA's will be with us till at least 2010 - all you need is a
RIG RX2, a sound card and WXSAT. Can't get much cheaper than that!

Hello John

In most cases I would expect a newcomer to want to buy a completed
receiver, rather than a kit. This alone makes it more expensive than the
MSG-1 option - assuming that the person already has a suitable spec
computer. Hopefully, a newcomer would read up on the options and devote
enough money to set up a proper system over a period of time.

If the person is ready to do construction, they are in a different