SR1 - Air IP question

Ulrich G. Kliegis

while browsing through some recently downloaded docs from Eumetsat and Ayecka and looking here and there in the SR1 via telnet, I stumbled over an entry
'Air IP', here set to 192.~.161 .
That triggered my curiosity because it is the same IP address I had chosen some time ago for a Linksys DD-WRT AP here, completely unaware of that mostly hidden and non-prominent 'Air IP', and my family member-users who are mostly using that AP (I have a few more spread over the house) kept complaining about unstable connections.
I just changed the AP's base adress, and it is yet too early to say, that was the culprit, but is it possible at all that any issues could be caused by this double usage of the same IP? I read and tried to understand the Eumetsat documentation about the setup of the SR1, but what they write about the funtion of the Air IP and its outwards appearance and (inter)action is beyond my horizon.
Anyone who knows more than me? :)
Thanks, cheers,