New satpy Python scripts

R. Alblas

I have updated all my satpy scripts (from a function point of view still mainly based on V30 of Ernst' scripts).

Downloaded tle files from are now placed in EMCtools/pppconfig.
Also, the configuration file needed to use space-track must be set here.

Now each available area can be used, not just a limited list in the scripts. A list can be generated with each script, using option '-area list'.

The selector is adapted; you can choose now a dataset within the selector (instead of just via an option). Also, all available area's can be used. To make the very long list of area's managable they are divided into some big area's, like Europe, Africa etc. This is all easy adaptable to your wishes.

For LEO satellites and the selector about all user-settings are now moved to

Tests using a raspberry pi, also using data from internet (Eumetsat Data Store), are also mentioned.

For more details see: