TBS6983 card behaving oddly.


My TBS6983 card has been exhibiting some odd behaviour recently. I am using Tuner A and Tuner B which are fed from a single LNB output via a splitter.

When I launch the TBS-IP app for tuner A, the signal strength comes up at about 97% immediately but there is then a random delay, ranging from seconds to minutes, before a non-zero SNR/Quality reading and the start of data flow. Tuner B always works immediately when I launch the relevant IP tool, so the LNB is not at fault.

After some extended interval, the SNR and Quality readings drop back to zero and the LockStatus shows UNLOCKED as in the attached picture. However, the data flow is NOT interrupted and continues as normal as shown by Data Rate value.

Does anyone have an explanation for this behaviour?  I have a horrible feeling that the demodulator chip may be on its way out.