RPI installation of satpy

R. Alblas

I have added some files which should make installation on RPI easy. Maybe not as easy as having a complete image, but if you are able to open a command tool and execute commands (which you need to do anyway with satpy) then this should be easy enough. (I have to find out how to make an image containing just the OS + satpy-stuff, to prevent 16G or 32G or even bigger images...).

See for all info and installation notes:


The installation is based on V30 of Ernst, at contains magick and xRITDecompress compiled for ARM.

It works fine on my Pi 4 / 8 GByte, it takes 1.5 minutes to make a full globe MSG4 image.



Hi Rob

Thats great - thanks

Unfortunately you cant seem to get 8Gb Pi's in the UK at the moment, they are all out of stock, but as soon as I can get one I will be giving this a go

Kind Regards