TBS 6903 - watch your updates! Problems with FSD

Ernst Lobsiger

Thilo Elsner

Hello Robert, I have problems with the foreign satellite data. Do you have an idea on which HVS they are sent? Where can I find an up-to-date overview of BAS and HVS-1 etc. Thank you Jack

Am 21.09.22 um 23:33 schrieb Robert Moore:

Thanks Ernst, we were both referring to the same Eumetsat document.  I didn’t want to embark on another expensive round of work on my system and then discover I had the wrong kind of dish. So, with that problem out of the way I can now think about moving forward (when I can find someone to do the work!)





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1) You do not have a prime focus antenna which can be seen by the LNB arm and width:height of the dish (the difference of these antenna types is easy to google)
2) For future EUMETCast (BAS + HVS-1) + HVS-2 + HVS-3 you will not need multiple LNBs but depending on your receiver(s) setup a Twin LNB or a Quad LNB.
    This is from what EUMETSAT has published way back and I have explained already.     https://www.eumetsat.int/eumetcast-europe-service-transponder-migration