More about MTG test data

R. Alblas

Ah, found the reason. Using area seviri_0dg with MTG gives you MSG resolution.

Using mtg_fci_fdss_1km, you get full resolution... And there is also mtg_fci_fdss_2km, mtg_fci_fdss_6km and mtg_fci_fdss_32km.

Found in areas.yaml.



On 25-08-2022 15:37, R. Alblas wrote:
To add to that: if IR channels are used in combination with VIS channels then downsampling to 5568x5568 can be expected, but not to 3712x3712?

On 25-08-2022 15:22, R. Alblas wrote:
Another one about test data of MTG:

Size of VIS images is 11136x11136, but satpy creates images of 3712x3712. Somewhere the image is resized? That's not done explicitely in the script I use.

The image itself has a resolution of 3712x3712; the test data contains pixelsets of 3x3 having the same value. Of course, with real MTG-data this will not be the case.