Help on Pytroll/SatPy MSG scripts

Ernst Lobsiger


Currently satpy has to be fixed for that. I made a PR that is not yet merged into the main branch.

Read the whole story here:

Check in the PR my fixes here:

You can either apply these easy edits manually or you have to wait and update when satpy is ready.

To make my scripts ready for MSG2/3/4 you also have to add the needed files and the abbreviation:

'night_ir_with_background_hires': ['IR_039', 'IR_108', 'IR_120'],

 'night_ir_with_background_hires': 'night_ir_wbh',

Best Regards,

Daniele Guardigli


Can anyone help me on setting the composite "Night IR with background HiRes" on MSG4 script?