Help on Pytroll/SatPy MSG scripts

Daniele Guardigli


Can anyone help me on setting the composite "Night IR with background HiRes" on MSG4 script?



Ernst Lobsiger


Currently satpy has to be fixed for that. I made a PR that is not yet merged into the main branch.

Read the whole story here:

Check in the PR my fixes here:

You can either apply these easy edits manually or you have to wait and update when satpy is ready.

To make my scripts ready for MSG2/3/4 you also have to add the needed files and the abbreviation:

'night_ir_with_background_hires': ['IR_039', 'IR_108', 'IR_120'],

 'night_ir_with_background_hires': 'night_ir_wbh',

Best Regards,