Surprise, surprise.

Hello All,

I finally got my EUMETCast 1m dish temporarily setup today with my SatPal meter 11 weeks after moving in preparation for the installation of the newly purchased TBS 6903 card (having lost my SR1 in the move).

I was moving some things around (still) waiting to be sorted out and put into drawers looking for a length of CT100 'test' cable when I found my (lost) SR1.

Oh boy!

Connecting the SR1 under clear sky conditions on an old length of CT100 cable with aluminium screening and braiding, gave me an SNR of 13.6 dB and -40 dBm.

In SW London my (properly aligned dish and copper screen and mesh CT100) SNR was around 13.5 - 13.8 dB and Power -25.0 dBm.

Then I connected the receiver via what will be a permanent length of new Webro WF100 cable.
This was around twice the length of the old aluminium screened test cable - by then rain had set in and my new SNR was 13.2 dB but the Power reading was now -18.0 dBm!

The Webro cable is much stiffer than my previous copper CT100. The centre conductor insulation is 'solid' opposed to cellular insulation of my previous CT100 cable in SW London.

It will be interesting to see 'my signal' when I find the optimal position for my dish.

EUMETCast computer still requiring a reset (awaiting a solution?) to get the E: EUMETCast HDD to operate - but once it does everything runs OK.

John Tellick.