Hello All,

Well, my card arrived yesterday 'post free' just a day after ordering it.
Very good service from pciex.co.uk

They advertise the card as:

TBS6903 Eumetsat - Eumetcast DVB-S2 receiving device - PCIe
An enclosed card reads, "Some of our products sometimes require a little bit of help to get them set up and working correctly.
If you do require support of any kind, please contact us directly."

This is very encouraging for a supplier?

Of course I know there is a lot of help available via this group and I look forward to getting started.
However, I'm busy having a final (hopefully) push to clear all my many still unpacked removal boxes in three rooms - getting on for 3  months after moving!

I've still to set up my EUMETCast dish - but with my solar outage period next week, this is the 'easy' time to do it - well, if the sun shines.

John Tellick.