Just a curiosity on SR1

Vincenzo Mone

Hello everyone,
I have just a curiosity.
As everyone knows Ayecka SR1 has two RF connectors while it is used just one. Please what is the other one for?

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Alan Curnow

The two RF inputs can be used in two ways.

(1) One RF receiver and demodulator input at a time with the method of selecting which one to use determined by the SR1 config. All 8 De-Capsulation filters in the SR1 are assigned to the RF receiver/demodulator input currently selected, enabling it to decode QPSK, 8PSK, 16APSK and 32APSK modulated signals from the satellite DVB-S2 data stream.

(2) Both RF receivers and demodulators in use at the same time. 4 De-Capsulation filters are assigned to each RF receiver/demodulator enabling them to decode QPSK and 8PSK modulated signals only.

The EUMETCast Basic Service uses 8PSK modulation but the High Volume Services use 16APSK modulation. So to receive the High Volume service only one RF input can be used at a time The Basic and HVS-1 are on the same transponder so the one RF input can receive and decode both services.

I bought my SR1 from Geo-Web.org at a reduced price, as they only had one receiver/demodulator fitted, so could only receive one RF input anyway, although the SR1 still had two RF sockets.

Alan Curnow