OT: Perfect Vision Birdog sat meter for sale

Frank Kosta <fppmc66@...>

Dear All

As I sold my Ayecka SR1 early this month, I no longer have use for the Perfect Vision Birdog Sat meter. This is the USA version of the popular Horizon HDSM v2.50 (manual here).
Usually the Birdog models only have USA footprint sats, but this one has a special file with many of the popular EU sats:

V  Turksat-2A  42E
H  Turksat-2A  42E
V  HellasSat2  39E
H  HellasSat2  39E
V  Astra-2A   28.2E  
H  Astra-2A   28.2E  
V  Badr-4         26E
V  Astra-3B   23.5E
H  Astra-3B   23.5E
V  Astra-1      19.2E
H  Astra-1      19.2E
V  Eutel-16A     16E
H  Eutel-16A     16E
V  Eutel-10A     10E
H  Eutel-10A     10E
V  Hotbird         13E
H  Hotbird         13E
V  Eutelsat-9A    9E
H  Eutelsat-9A    9E
V  Eutelsat-7A    7E
H  Eutelsat-7A    7E
H  Astra-4A      4.8E
V  Thor-5 T2    0.8E
H  Thor-5 T2    0.8E
H  Amos-2          4W
H  Eutel-5WA     5W
V  Nilesat-101    7W
V  Eutel-7WA  7.3W
H  Eutel-7WA  7.3W
H  Eutel-8WA     8W
V  Hispasat       30W
H  Hispasat       30W

(please note I can't guaranty all sats IDs are still valid, but I believe most are).

The meter is in perfect working condition. The cosmetic condition is fair (photos on request).
The battery was purchased new a couple years ago and has plenty of life left but I am not sure if I am able to ship it. I guess it depends on destination/courier.
Comes with "leather" carry case. No cables.

Price: £100 plus postage 
Payment via PayPal Family and Friends or Bank transfer.
Thank you