Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge (COM3)

David Vranch <dj.vranch@...>

Hello. I’ve just joined your forum as I noticed discussions about the CP210x device. Could anyone help with a problem I too am having with this device please? I have a camera gimbal that I am trying to connect to the pc (Win10). It has connected successfully two or three times previously, but now it seems to freeze with a message box saying “Device found Com3” and underneath a message “ Connecting Com3” it then just sits there doing nothing, previously it would switch to the main gimbal control program once connected. I have tried reinstalling the program and the driver. There is a firmware upgrade section to the program which is used to upgrade the gimbal, this connects and runs ok, so it seems the Com3 port is operating ok, I don’t know what response the program is waiting for before it will start. Dave.