Test activation of the backup satellite for EUMETCast Europe


Hello All,

Many of you will have received this notice today, but for those who haven't, here it is.

I'll be having a go - in fact I tried an 'in preparation quick look' a couple of weeks ago to check my offending shadowing neighbours fir tree.
I'll have to move my dish slightly as well of course swinging it 3 degrees.

Perhaps someone can answer if it's easy to retune the SR1 temporarily to the 'new' TP1 channel.

John T.

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Subject: Test activation of the backup satellite for EUMETCast Europe

Dear EUMETCast-Europe User,
We mentioned previously that we would perform a test activation of the EUMETCast Europe service on the backup satellite HOTBIRD 13C (HB13C).
This test activation is now planned from 3 to 7 May 2021.
You can participate by receiving the EUMETCast Europe traffic from HB13C.
For full details on the reception parameters and setup requirements, please see our web news:
Note that the operational service on EUTELSAT 10A will not be affected by this test.
With best regards,
EUMETSAT User Service

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