Tomorrow! EARS satellite acquisition priorities will be updated.

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EARS satellite acquisition priorities will be updated on 22 July.

Thursday, 16 July 2020

With the number of satellites supported by the EARS Regional Services, there will be situations at the individual reception stations where more satellites of interest are visible than the installed antennas can acquire. In these situations, a decision must be taken on which satellites to schedule for acquisition and which to drop. One element for making this decision is satellite prioritisation.

For the EARS stations where EUMETSAT has the scheduling authority – these are Athens, Kangerlussuaq, Maspalomas, Muscat and Svalbard – the satellite priorities will be updated from 22 July 2020, as shown in the table below. The EARS stations for which EUMETSAT does not have the direct scheduling authority are expected to implement the same new satellite acquisition priorities.

This priority update is in line with the WMO DBNet Coordination Group recommendations.


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