Problem : Could not join channel...etc etc

iz1kbp <bmario1@...>

Hi to all,
sorry for troubble but I have not found any usefull help,too many topics with the same title , more or less, but I havent found a solution.
This in my situation :
With old tellicast a eku (TC 2.4.4 and old Eku) I read all my subscribed channel, and , under LICENSE, I read , in 4th position, ****.**** etc string.
Now I' have update the eku and tellicast to last downloaded fron eumetsat ftp site.
Start Uku and basic service, click on TEST.EKU.bat and I read , in 4th postion,host key, of the popout window, the ****.*** string.
Open tellicast shell,in log I read may message ,and afther 5/6 sec , I readĀ  'could not join channelĀ  etc etc...'
Under License , my 4th position is empty.
If run HVs-1 service, under license, my 4th position is regular "***.*** etc"
Is there any one with a solution?
thank's in advance to any