Re: Disabling the "Smart Card" service - have you needed to do this?


Hello David,

We might be lucky, even though I disabled the scard service, my USB
Compact flash reader and other USB devices still work perfectly.
According to Microsoft a smart card is:
"An integrated circuit card (ICC) owned by an individual or a group
whose information must be protected according to specific ownership
assignments. It provides its own physical access control; without the
smart card subsystem placing additional access control on the smart
card. A smart card is a plastic card that contains an integrated
circuit that is compatible with ISO 7816."

Smartcards are used in Digital TV satellite receivers and in modern
access-control / banking systems.
These are plastic Creditcards with a goldplated patch on one side.
Mostly interfaced through the serial port, some use USB ports with
additional drivers.

This makes me wonder why this service was installed on my W2K Pro SP3
at first. But I do realise now that this particular machine is
equipped with a Infra-Red (IrDa) interface, W2K might have mistakenly
seen this as a smartcard interface and was continuously searching for
inserted cards.
I did check on other W2K pro Machines and found out that this
services is normally not installed.

The problem might be still unsolved in XP too, see:

Arne van Belle

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