Re: New Skystar USB Plus Box (USB2) - Any Experiences?

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berni_b_53 wrote:
I am afraid I think I have to stop the download offer in my previous
mail, as I am not shure, if I am allowed to do this.

Data is copyright � EUMETSAT (2007)

That is a beautifully smooth animation, with some dramatic storm clouds developing. For our dial-up users, it's a 17.3MB download.

You can check the guidelines here:

I think that once the data is more than 24 hours old, you are OK. You must give credit to EUMETSAT's copyright into these by displaying the terms "� EUMETSAT (year)" under each of the data and products shown, and my understanding is that a page with a link and that Copyright statement would be fine. Or the mention of the copyright in the text, as I have done.

This is on the understanding that it is a one-off "research" type animation, an example, rather than something which you will update and offer every day (which you clearly are not doing).

Glad to hear you are enjoying the data!

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