Re: driver for technisat skystar2 dvb card


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the new technisat skystar2 dvb driver/software with version 4.2.8
don't works fine. resulting in a lot of lost segments and 20% lower
signal quality.
Hello Max,

Don't be fooled by the lower signal quality. The new Skystar rev2.6B
readings are simply lower compared to the old rev2.3 card.
This reading is a calculated value, it is not calibrated and may even
depend on drivers.
Have read reports that the USB box has even lower signal quality
To be sure that your Antenna/LNB/receiver/PC do work correctly try to
view sailing channel with ProgDVB, see previous messages in this list.

But one remark: The 4.2.8 driver is packed only with the new 2.6B
revision. I am not sure if this version is fully compatible with the
old card reveision. To be save better stick to the 4.2.2 driver for
older cards.
If other members do use 4.2.8 driver on Skystar rev 2.3 succesfully,
please let us know.

Arne van Belle

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