lost/delayed segments


hi everyone,

since some days i have some troubles getting all segments. the specs
of my receiving system are:
1.2m kathrein dish
1GB Ram
160GB HD
winxp pro
tellique 2.3.0a
skystar 2 dvb card with driver and software version 4.2.2

now i have some questions:

- is there a possibility to figure out where the segments are lost
(without waiting for some eumetsat messages) ?
- was there a change in the dissimination in the past 3 days?
- if there are some segments delayed, how long it makes sense to wait
for them. my image processor is adjusted, to wait at maximum 2 hours
for delayed segments. segments ariving more then 2 hours after the
first segment are ignored. may this 2 hour threshold cause the lost

thx for the help!

regards, max

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