Telique log files (was: Re: Missing Segments)

David Strickland <David@...>

--- In, "David Taylor" <david-taylor@b...>
Now I will try and compare!

Regards David S.
Well, look for the words "missed" and "lost". I have verbose
logging enabled - perhaps you do as well. But particularly, look
what is happening when one of the missing segments should have been

I loaded my verbose files into MSWord and used 'find' to seach
for 'missing'. Every missed segment corollates with the log. I note
that I received the file you missed. So diverse reception is the
answer? Now I will go and re-check my dish again. I guess that if
others are not getting problems then I am probably suffering from
localised effects, though the signal as per Arne looks good.

Regards David S.

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