Checking your MSG system on a second signal source


A lot of members are having MSG reception trouble at the moment. Looks like
part of these problems are caused by Eumetsat, but others not.
Yesterday I installed a DVB viewer on my receive PC.
This way you can watch TV and judge from a second source if your antenna,
skystar and PC are working correctly.
Viewing DVB does ask for more performance, so it will detect if your PC's
performance is to low for MSG.
I fully tested this program on my W2K PC were I installed the official
Eumetsat CDROM.
ProgDVB and Tellique do not interfere, but cannot be used simultaneously of
Only drawback: after exiting ProgDVB you have to reboot before starting
Tellique again, I guess some buffers or memory addresses might not be
In the files area I uploaded a PDF manual on how to install and setup this

Using this prog I can view Sailing Channel without any blips, freezes or
missing pixels.

You can download the program from:
Please do not use other versions as I have not tested these.

Arne van Belle

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