Re: Disabling the "Smart Card" service - have you needed to do this?

James Brown <james@...>

In message <bjiapi+ium3@...>, David Taylor <david-taylor@...> writes
David, I am running Windows XP and can't find under the processes
running list any reference to scardsvr.exe . Is this purely a
2000 issue I wonder, or does the exe have a different name?
I don't know, James. Perhaps Windows 2000 incorrectly starts it,
when it's not needed?

If you type in scardsvr.exe into a Google search it appears to be a Windows 2000 prog to do with smartcard readers - unless you have the version generated by Scardsvr32.exe in your system32 directory which is a 'worm'.

I would be concerned if we ultimately needed that for the USB dongle as it doesn't appear to be an XP prog.


James Brown

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