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Robert Moore

Dear Dave M. and Dave C.
I only get the full Sun between April and mid-September. From now to late March
I will only see the Sun at the bottom of the garden. I'm on a north-facing
slope with high tress to the south, there is a shallow dip in the tree- line
around south which enables me to line up an HRPT dish until late October. The
_only_ line I have on Hotbird is from the place I have my dish. The erector
even tried the top of the chimney, to no avail. The bottom of the garden would
be unsuitable for various reasons including obstruction by my own trees. In my
current 'slot' I have about 5 degrees clearance over the trees.
The mounting pole is on brackets but it is also braced back against the wall
with a five-foot metal pole to give a rigid triangular structure.
The other 'side of the trees' is over the road, half a mile up a hill, through
the woods and the garden of another house. So some of us have no option but to
go high!
What we do for our hobby - anything but chop down trees (or move house)!
Let's wait and see if there is something other than the inadequacies of our
mountings before we (I) start climbing ladders. Plainly a lot of us are
currently having problems. Has anyone kept count of how many of us are still
having serious segment losses?


Quoting Dave Martin <Dave.Martin@...>:

and to reinforce Dave C's comments -

Our farmhouse has a shelter-belt of trees, and I was loathe to mount a dish
high on the house, so beyond the trees I have a 1.2m dish =at ground level=
on a substantial mount with lots of concrete ballast

As part of monitoring experiments, in the style of a mirror galvanometer, I
affixed a laser diode module to the rim of the dish projected onto a board
and pencil-tracked the deflection - a "good" gale only gave about 15
arc-seconds of movement of the dish

The second hand Channel Master dish I'm using for MSG has good
rib-reinforcement, but the 1m pressed steel dish I was using for Met-7, even
when mounted on a solid steam-pipe mounting, had noticeable flex and I
resorted to a number of wooden struts self-tappered at the rim and running
back/down to the ground to stabilise the rim. Before I stabilised it, I
could see the equivalent of a couple of degrees movement in a good storm !

Also, don't be afraid of a long lead-in with about an 85m (eighty five metre)
of CT100 lead into the house.

Dave M

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My thoughts, which should have been illustrated with a picture, are that
the installations I have seen of 88cm dishes, the brackets used are barely
capable of holding a 45cm. And why so high, if a garden gets the sun,
it would be a strange garden that couldn't, then the dish can be at ground
level, or certainly not waving high in the sky on flimsy brackets !

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