Re: Missing segments

Trevor Davies <g0jix@...>


The mystery deepens!

I bought my 88cm dish from Timestep in March 03.
It is mounted at ground level on a metal tube and anchored to the wooden garden fence to limit lateral movement.
It was installed early April using the Status facility in Set4PC to obtain maximum Signal quality,which can vary from 60% - 70%,SNR 9.7 - 10.8 and BER all 0000,s and no ill affect on imagery in any way.
It has not been altered since day one.
I have posted a photo at titled 'Dishview.jpg' This is the view my dish has and I think it can be said it is not ideal,prior to this photo the trees carried a lot more foliage.
I have,judging from the mail,had results comparable with many and far better than others
I'm not sure this helps,but may save some from premature baldness.

73 de Trevor G0JIX
All mail scanned with Norton.

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